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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Win on BetMMA?

Each user has the same opportunity to win as they are given the same number of points for each event. The winner will be determined by who has the most points at the end of the event.

Can I Win Money Using BetMMA?

No, you cannot win money playing on BetMMA. This website was created only for fun but you could play with friends and make things interesting.

Is BetMMA free?

Yes, BetMMA is free to use. It's the only free MMA betting platform that lets you get in on the action without having to spend your hard earned money.

How to Use BetMMA.

To get started, first create a free account. Next, choose an event and place your bets. Fill out the whole card by choosing an option that you think will take place and once the fight is over, you can see if you won. (Fight results will be updated 24-48 hours after the event ends).